How plastic surgery can help you save money, improve your health

I am a plastic surgeon and my work is a part of my life.I do plastic surgery on a daily basis to treat my clients.But the work I do is also personal and I am constantly learning new techniques.As I have gained more experience, I have also found that I need to improve my craft.I […]

Which plastic surgery treatments are the best?

When it comes to plastic surgery for eyes, there’s a lot to choose from.Plastic surgery treatments that are safe, effective and easy to use, but also can be a little more expensive.Plastic eyes are sometimes referred to as “toy eyes” and are often sold as “eye glasses” or “facial prosthetics.”They come in different shapes, sizes […]

How to Clean Plastic Spray Bottle from Plastic Storage Cabinets

You can get plastic spray bottles cleaner than most people realize by washing your plastic bottles with a plastic scrubber, which will not only kill the plastic but also remove all the germs on your bottles.You can also wash your plastic spray cans with soap and water.Here are the three things to consider when washing […]

How plastic is destroying the future of our children

A decade after the invention of the plastic bag, the cost of the material has tripled and plastic surgery has become an annual rite of passage for young children, the head of the Irish Plastic Surgery Association said yesterday.A plastic surgery in the city of Finglas costs about €12,000, or nearly €1,000 a head, and […]

How Plastic Surgery Makes You a Supermodel

Plastic surgery is a booming business, with sales up 15% in the US in 2016, according to the US National Plastic Surgery Association.There are currently more than 30,000 cosmetic surgeries in the country, and there are more than 3,000 plastic surgeons in the world.It’s an industry that’s worth $6.5bn, according a 2017 report by The […]

A plastic molder in Kuwait: Plastic dresseser in the UAE

Plastic molders in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, where plastic plastic is a key commodity, have been accused of trafficking in human remains and causing environmental destruction.Plastic is used in dressers, chairs, tables, tables of food and even toys.In Dubai, plastic furniture is used for washing, drying and washing dishes.In Kuwait, plastic is used […]

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