5 ways to make a plastic love tank for your phone

5.3 million times the average post on the subreddit Plastic Love Tank has become the number one most popular thread on the site, but there are plenty of other great uses for the plastic tank.

Some of the top posts on the topic have included: “Use a plastic bottle for a drink and water bottle for your dinner”.

“If you have a disposable bottle, you could replace it with this.”

“Use this as a food container for a meal or in the fridge.”

“Using a plastic cup for a sandwich is perfect for lunch”.

“Using this to keep your hands and feet dry when hiking is an essential part of any survival kit.”

These are just a few of the best uses for this handy, versatile, and inexpensive piece of plastic.

┬áIf you’re looking to make your own, you can always use some of the following methods to make it in your own kitchen: plastic bottles, paper towels, and food containers.

If you’ve never tried making a plastic tank, here’s a quick and easy guide: 1.

Find out if it’s a plastic or metal tank.

If it’s plastic, you’re ready to go. 2.

Make the tank using the instructions in this video.


Put it together with the instructions you’ve found.


Use the instructions to make the plastic love bottle.


Check it out.

Here are a few other great plastic love tips: Make a cute love container for your child’s lunchbox.

Take a look at this awesome DIY tutorial for making a water bottle to hold your water.

A little something extra for the kids.

How to make baby wipes and diaper pads with a plastic baby bottle.

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