How to avoid plastic bags

There are several ways to avoid using plastic bags in your life, but you should never leave them out in the rain.

Here are four tips to get you started.


Always carry a reusable bag with you.

If you do want to use plastic bags, you should always bring a reusable container with you at all times.

It will reduce the chance of getting food, water, or personal items into the plastic bag.


When possible, use reusable bags that are at least 2-inches deep.


If it’s raining, wear rain gear, including a rain jacket, to protect your face and neck.


Don’t use a plastic bag as a container for dry food.

It is a waste of food, and even more wasteful when it’s full of water and/or waterborne pathogens.

Learn more about how to use a reusable plastic bag for more information on how to avoid this waste.

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