A plastic molder in Kuwait: Plastic dresseser in the UAE

Plastic molders in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, where plastic plastic is a key commodity, have been accused of trafficking in human remains and causing environmental destruction.

Plastic is used in dressers, chairs, tables, tables of food and even toys.

In Dubai, plastic furniture is used for washing, drying and washing dishes.

In Kuwait, plastic is used to make carpets, carpets of chairs, and chairs of cars.

The UAE has a strict moratorium on plastic waste, and a new recycling law that aims to tackle the plastic crisis is due to come into force next month.

But in recent months, plastic molders have been seen dumping plastic bottles into the sea in a bid to prevent the pollution from reaching Kuwait.

This has led to concerns about the health effects of plastic pollution in the country, as well as the impact of the water pollution.

The plastic moldering problem is a major health issue in Kuwait, where the country’s population is over a third of the population of the world’s third-largest oil producer.

Al Jazeera’s Sarah Rainsford visited Kuwait and met some of the people who work at plastic moldings to learn more about the industry.

Aljazeera’s Sarah Robinson reports from Kuwait.

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