How plastic is destroying the future of our children

A decade after the invention of the plastic bag, the cost of the material has tripled and plastic surgery has become an annual rite of passage for young children, the head of the Irish Plastic Surgery Association said yesterday.

A plastic surgery in the city of Finglas costs about €12,000, or nearly €1,000 a head, and a plastic surgery at an alternative centre in the town of Cooley cost €6,000.

Dr Alan D’Arcy, the president of the association, said the cost has been spiralling over the past decade and that he expects it to reach €20,000 in 2040.

Plastic surgery costs about 3 per cent of the total cost of an operation.

Dr D’Aroncy said he is concerned that the growing number of children with plastic surgery could lead to an increasing number of plastic surgeries being done on young children.

Plastic surgeons in Ireland, who have been operating for decades, now operate at a higher rate than in the United States.

Dr Robert Kelly, the chief executive of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland, said there is an urgent need to address the issue.

Plastic surgeries are a major part of our cultural heritage and we need to make sure that we do not forget this important part of Irish culture, he said.

Dr Kelly said it was important to make the issue clear to parents, the doctors and the community.

He said the plastic surgery industry is struggling to cope with the increase in the cost.

The number of surgeries is increasing at an alarming rate.

Dr Ariano said plastic surgery was an essential part of the cultural and social fabric of Ireland.

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