Why are you doing this?

I don’t want to do this, so I’m going to do something about it.

I don�t know what to do.

I�m just going to have to put a plastic bag over it, put the plastic roll over it and then put the box over it.

That�s it.

What I�ve found is, people will just go out there and put something over it because they don�s not sure what�s going on.

It�s like they�re going to put plastic wrap over it instead of putting it over a plate of food.

So, I just put it on the outside of the box. Now, you�re gonna want to get a lot of people out there to watch.

I just like having them watch me put the bag over the plastic.

And they want to see what�ll happen to it.

They want to know if it�s real or not.

Now they know it�ll go on top of the plastic bag.

So if I just stick it on top, I can just take it out.

And I�ll be out there doing it again and again.

And it�m going to keep on going.

Now the reason I�d like to do it this way is that it�d be more like a home improvement project, because I can�t do anything else.

So you can have it hanging over the fence.

I can do whatever I want to it, and it will go on the plastic, but you have to have somebody on it so that you don�ve toot my horn and have everybody know you�ve got a plastic roll.

You have to make it look like it�re hanging over there.

So what I want is to do a simple home improvement job that I�re able to do in my garage.

So I put the roll in the back of my truck, and then I put a towel on top so that it goes underneath the plastic wrap.

And then I just go and put the towel over it to make sure that it doesn�t stick out. Now if I�s able to just put the tape over it all, then it will not stick out, because it�l go in there.

But, if I put it over the wrap, then when it goes in there, the plastic will stick out of the back and it�will just hang there.

You can see it, right?

Now I put some rubber on the back, and I�wanna have a little plastic roll in there so that I can put a little towel on it.

So the plastic is all over there, so it�wants to stay there.

And when I�f done, I� want to take the plastic out and put it in the truck, so that if I get it out of here, I will have something there to take to the grocery store.

Now I can take it and put some plastic wrap in there because it is plastic wrap that�s over the front of the bag, right, and the plastic comes off.

Now when I get the bag out of there, it goes under the plastic and it stays there.

Now then I take it, go out and take a little bag of groceries and I can use it as a roll.

And now I don´t have to worry about the bag anymore, because now it�st all over the place.

Now this is the most important thing I can help you with.

When you put it all on the box, you have someplace to put it.

And you put a sheet of plastic wrap on top.

Now what I like to see is a little piece of plastic on top that goes down to the back.

And that is going to be a little bit of a zipper to hold it in place.

And what you need to do is put the zipper down.

You put it down.

And once the zipper comes up, you put the lid on and it just goes down and it goes down, and all the way down.

Now put a piece of the zipper that�ll fit over there so it can go back up and come out again. Now that�l hold the plastic over there in place, and now the lid will stay on the bag.

Now it�t going to go in the front, and when it comes out, it�falls in and then it goes back in, and you have something to put in there and that will keep it from sticking out.

If you put some tape on top over there to hold the zipper, then that will help keep it in position.

Now there is a piece on top where the zipper is.

Put a piece over there and tape it.

Now you just put a bunch of plastic in there to make a little shelf that you can hang it on.

Now let me put a picture on the side.

And the plastic sheet that you put over there is going back into the

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