Xiluets plastic surgery facility has received the largest donation from a private foundation in history

LAS VEGAS — The Las Vegas Plasticity Foundation, a private philanthropic organization, has donated $1.6 million to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Water and Power Authority to expand its plastic surgery practice, officials said Monday.

The $1 million, which is part of the foundation’s annual $10 million donation, is part-spent on a new plastic surgery clinic in the town of Las Vegas that will provide patients with plastic surgery, said Bill Hagan, vice president of the Las Vegas chapter of the National Federation of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

“It is the largest gift from a non-profit organization that I have ever seen, and it is the most significant gift from an orthopedic surgeon,” Hagan said.

The Las Vegas Medical Center in Las Vegas is one of several medical facilities in the Las Angeles County area that offer plastic surgery.

The city is also home to two major orthopedics hospitals.

Hagan said the Las Vegas Plasticity foundation is committed to the medical community.

“We are always looking to help other health care providers with our charitable giving,” he said.

“The goal is always to provide the best medical care to patients in our community.”

The new plastic surgical practice, which opened in November, is expected to be able to offer patients procedures like surgery to repair and reconstruct facial structures, to improve bone density, and to increase the mobility of their legs and hands, according to the foundation.

The center also plans to offer additional procedures for adults and children to help them with their mental and physical health, Hagan added.

In addition to the hospital expansion, the Las Venegas Foundation has also been providing dental care and emergency services for more than 100,000 residents and 1,500 schoolchildren in the county.

The Las Venigos Foundation also provides free transportation to the community.

The foundation’s board of directors included the city of Las Venaga, Mayor Jim Huesman, the city’s medical examiner, the county coroner and a representative from the Las Vega Fire Department.

The foundation was founded in 2001 by the Las Vegas Health Care Foundation.

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