Plastic water bottles are being used as plastic explosives, it was claimed

Plastic water bottle bottles have become a major part of the explosive mix in recent months, it has been claimed.

A new report from The Irish News claims that some plastic water bottles contain explosive material.

It is not clear what explosive substance is being used, but the report says that the substance can be a mixture of aluminium, carbon, lead, titanium, zinc and chromium.

It said that plastic water is used to manufacture explosives that are then dropped into tanks.

The article says that it has seen the explosive material in plastic water and plastic balls, as well as some aluminium and titanium.

Plastic explosives can be made from plastic and metal by melting metal, welding metal together, and adding metal to aluminium.

The Irish newspaper said it had seen the substance in plastic bottles and plastic water cans.

It added that there was evidence that the explosive mixture was being used in plastic weapons, with the report saying that some weapons are “used as plastic explosive bombs” by people who do not know what to do with them.

The report says it has identified some plastic weapons and that there is a concern about the potential for misuse.

The items found at the scene The Irish paper said it has found some plastic bottles at the site of a shooting.

It also found some aluminium cylinders in a metal container.

It reported that the item that was found was believed to be an aluminium cylinder that had been fired from a rifle.

The paper said that it had spoken to the owner of the property who said that the items were not there but he did not want to make any comment.

A spokeswoman for the gardaĆ­ said that there were no arrests made and that the matter would be investigated by the National Forensic Science Laboratory.

The National Forensic Sciences Laboratory in County Armagh was contacted for comment.

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