5 reasons to spend more on plastic-and-rubber canvases

Plastic and rubber canvases are becoming more popular as a way to save money.

Here are five reasons why.

Read moreAbout 1,200 people have died in Mexico over the past three years in car accidents caused by plastic and rubber tires.

But the country has been hit harder by a deadly pandemic, a lack of government services and the country’s notorious corruption, which has led to the arrests of more than 60,000 people.

Mexico is among the most corrupt countries in Latin America, according to Transparency International.

In recent months, the country launched a campaign to cut down on the use of rubber tires and paint on new vehicles.

More: A man with an axe and a bucket of gasoline is among at least 10 people who have died after a truck crashed into a barrier at the entrance to a highway in the central state of Guerrero, according on Wednesday to the Mexican newspaper El Universal.

The truck was carrying about 150 tons of gasoline.

In March, a bus carrying more than 2,000 migrants crashed into the side of a building at a border crossing with Guatemala and was caught on camera on the way down.

The driver, a migrant from Honduras, was killed and five other passengers were injured.

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