Month: September 2021

How the NHL’s plastic folding tables helped save its brand

Posted March 09, 2018 03:32:07 After the season, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said he was “really, really pleased” with the plastic folding table that was put in place during the playoffs.“It’s the best thing we could have done,” Bettman told reporters after the Flyers won their second Stanley Cup in five years.“I thought it was […]

How ‘Plastic Toys’ Are Making Us Greener

Plastic toys, like the ones that are now so ubiquitous on our desks, desks and shelves, are a major contributor to our planet’s greenhouse gas emissions.But there’s another kind of plastic that is also contributing to our health problems.A new report by researchers at Stanford University found that a new class of plastic toys—called plastic […]

How to get plastic surgery without needing a license

Plastic surgery is a popular surgery in the United States, and some of the country’s top surgeons use plastic surgery to get a cut or a tummy tuck.But what’s really going on?In some cases, the procedures may not be needed or even medically necessary.The Washington Post’s Julie Carey explains what to watch for in plastic […]

A plastic bag recycler can make up to a ton of plastic into a cheap plastic face shield

Posted February 05, 2020 06:50:51Plastic bags are used in everything from clothing to cosmetics, but not always.Plastic bags can be recycled into something else.This week, the plastic recycling industry was launched by a company called Plastic Bag Recycling in New Jersey, and is now available to consumers.The company has a number of different products available […]

Why does the food industry need a ‘sophisticated food processor’

When it comes to the processing of food, you need a powerful machine to do the job.A food processor is a large machine that you can use to separate the ingredients into the right proportions, then pour the ingredients together.These processors are used in many foods, from salad dressings to desserts.They’re a very efficient machine, […]

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