Which plastic products are safe to use?

More than 2,200 Canadian cities have banned the use of plastic bags and reusable containers in residential areas, but not in parks and recreation.

Residents are encouraged to use non-reusable containers such as paper towels or paper towels with a small amount of vinegar and salt.

The city of Ottawa says the ban on plastic bags is a temporary measure while it works to find a solution.

It says it will soon be rolling out a ban on paper towels, including the “preferred” ones, in parks, beaches and other public spaces.

City of Toronto says it’s making changes to its ban on reusable containers, and will be adding a “preferable” container that can be reused.

“As a result, we have seen an increase in the use and number of reusable containers,” says Toronto’s Environment and Food Services manager of community engagement, Dan McLean.

The Toronto Eco-Center says its plastic-free containers are now available at a number of retailers, including Walmart, Costco and Walmart’s own Canada Post.

It’s not clear if any other Canadian cities are following suit.

The City of Vancouver is also banning plastic bags.

The United States has banned the sale of all plastic bags, including reusable ones, as of March 1.

The ban includes grocery stores and gas stations, but it does not include outdoor seating areas, restaurants or other enclosed spaces.

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