How to keep your drawers clean

I use a plastic drawer lid.

If I have any loose or broken drawers, the lid falls out of the drawer and I have to get it replaced.

It’s also a big hassle to open and close the drawer without getting my hand stuck in the drawer.

I’m not an obsessive drawer-cleaner, but I’ve noticed a trend: I like to get rid of the plastic drawer lid.

I use plastic draw-thru drawer lids in the same way I use drawers on the inside of my car door.

They’re easy to use and don’t come off easily.

They are also cheap.

The plastic drawstring lids are made by the company Plastic Drawer Lid, and they are also available in the Walmart section of the internet store.

I’ve tried a few of them out and the best thing about them is that you don’t have to look at a drawer to open or close it.

It only takes a few moments to get your hand inside the drawer, and I’ve been using them for about six months now.

They do come off easy and the drawstring does not tear when it’s closed.

So how do you open a drawstring drawer without having to look in a drawer?

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to get the lid off.


Get a small, flat object.

I like a small flat object to hold the drawstrings and to hold them together.

You can buy these from any of the many grocery stores or online.

I used a piece of scrap paper for my lid.


Take out the draw string.

You’ll probably be holding it with your left hand, so it’s important to take out the piece of cardboard that comes with the lid.

It doesn’t have any extra features.

It also doesn’t come with a handle, so if you use a hammer, you’ll have to use a pair of pliers to pull it out.

It is also a bit harder to open with a hammer.


Get the handle out.

Once you’ve taken the draw strings out, you can start to open the lid by pressing on the handles with your right hand.

You should have a little resistance at the top, and the handle should be slightly pushed back.

If you don’ t have the right tool, you will need to find another piece of plastic.

It should be a thick piece that is a bit longer than your thumb, and slightly thicker than your index finger.

A rubber band will also work.


Pull on the handle to loosen the draw-strings.

The draw-string will come out of its plastic casing.

It may also come out with a little push.

The handle should go a bit wider than the drawer lid, so you will want to use the flat object that is holding the drawstrings.


Slide the drawer open.

Your drawer should now look like this: Now, hold the drawer up to your eye, and then slide it open.

You will notice that you can see through the lid and the drawer at the same time.

Your hand should be able to slide down the drawer towards the drawer handle.

Now, get a piece that’s a bit bigger than the drawlings to pull out the handle.

Use the same object that was used to hold up the drawstools and to keep the drawlines in place.

I think that’s the best way to open a plastic drawlist drawer.

Now that you have the lid pulled off, you need to open it.

I usually start by pulling it out of my drawer and putting it in the washing machine.

Then, I take it out and put it back in the drawer.

The drawer should be free from the plastic casing and will look like a drawer.

If the lid comes off, it will look a bit like this.

If it’s not, it’s probably just a bit of plastic that has loosened up and is hanging down in the middle of the lid that I need to loosen.

If your drawer lid falls off, just keep it on the shelf and try to find a new one.

You may have to pull the drawer off the shelf or pull the lid back on the lid so that you get it to come out.

If this happens, just put it in a box and store it somewhere that you won’t disturb the drawers.

Once the lid is off, use the drawer to get into your car.

You need to be careful about using the drawthru lid, because if it comes loose, it could hurt you or your car, and that could be a problem if you drive it at high speeds.

The lid is now completely removed, so put it into your trunk and put a lid-protecting mat on the back of the car to keep it away from your car’s windows.

The rubber bands will work.

You don’t need to use them, but they will keep the drawer in place and keep it from falling out.

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