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Xiluets plastic surgery facility has received the largest donation from a private foundation in history

LAS VEGAS — The Las Vegas Plasticity Foundation, a private philanthropic organization, has donated $1.6 million to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Water and Power Authority to expand its plastic surgery practice, officials said Monday.The $1 million, which is part of the foundation’s annual $10 million donation, is part-spent on a new plastic surgery clinic in […]

How plastic will transform the world

Plastic has a long and rich history, with some people claiming that it’s a miracle medicine.But its role in our lives is changing.The new plastics we’re seeing are not always natural.They’re made from plasticizer and other chemicals.In fact, some of the plastic we use everyday has been engineered to resist corrosion and wear.Today’s plastic products […]

Plastic is coming to Walmart

Walmart is moving forward with a plan to sell corrugated metal roofing.The company said it will start selling plastic shelves and plastic boxes for use on its stores, but it has yet to release details on the plans.The move comes after Walmart had already said it would sell corrigated cardboard for the same purpose.Walmart has […]

The plastic surgery boom in Brazil

In recent years, Brazilian authorities have been increasingly focusing on the problem of plastic pollution in the country, which has seen its population balloon from about 40 million in 1990 to nearly 60 million today.In the wake of the Great Brazilian Plastic Pollution crisis, authorities began issuing fines for plastic-related violations, but have since tightened […]

How much plastic is used in US homes?

Plastic sheets are used in many homes in the United States.According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, over half of the US plastic products used for flooring, furniture, and appliances were found to contain plastic waste.However, a small percentage of these products, such as polyurethane, are treated with a chemical known as pyrethroids, which […]

How to use plastic bins to help with plastic laundry basket

A new plastic bin has been created that’s designed to keep plastic laundry baskets from rotting.The new bin is a plastic basket made from a combination of stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic.The basket can be placed inside a plastic trash bag or placed on top of it to store the garbage in.The bin weighs only […]

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