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A plastic bag recycler can make up to a ton of plastic into a cheap plastic face shield

Posted February 05, 2020 06:50:51Plastic bags are used in everything from clothing to cosmetics, but not always.Plastic bags can be recycled into something else.This week, the plastic recycling industry was launched by a company called Plastic Bag Recycling in New Jersey, and is now available to consumers.The company has a number of different products available […]

How to make plastic surgery surgery look less awkward: How to fake it look natural

When a plastic surgeon’s plastic surgery procedure is done in a manner that’s expected, you might think that the doctor is giving you a “natural” or “surgical” look.But what if you’re having a “cosmetic” plastic surgery, or you’re looking for a cosmetic procedure, and the doctor asks for a more natural look?To find out, we […]

How to stop plastic from covering your bathroom floor

There’s nothing like a good plastic wrap to keep your home clean and tidy, and the plastic covering on plastic tubs and shower heads is nothing short of perfect.But what if you need a little more protection against bacteria and other micro-organisms that can thrive in your bathroom?Here are some tips to keep the water […]

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