Plastic surgery industry hits new high with $15.2 billion in revenue

Plastic surgery is back on the rise with new high-growth industries in the plastic medicine industry, cosmetic surgery and body painting.The plastic surgery industry was the fifth largest in the United States last year and the fourth largest in 2018, according to an industry analysis by the New York-based Institute for Justice.The industry grew 8.2 […]

How to use plastic chairs in the greenhouse

If you’re looking for the perfect alternative to plastic chairs, here are five tips to make them last longer.Read more 1/5 1.Wrap them in plastic wrap Plastic chairs, plastic sheets, and foam mats are often used to make these eco-friendly alternatives.They’re also very cheap and easy to clean.However, they are also quite uncomfortable, and you’ll […]

When Plastic Surgery Is Not the Answer for Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgeon has always been a powerful advocate for plastic surgery, especially for young women.Now, with the advent of the internet, the plastic surgeon’s position is threatened, and it is time to speak out against the current trend.If you want to save the plastic surgery industry from its current decline, you must speak up, […]

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