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$20 million white plastic chair for swing set

A white plastic swing set is one of the latest products from Plastic Boat.The company is offering a $20,000 “white plastic chair” for $150.It comes with a swing set, an eye plastic surgery kit, a “spinning wheel” and a “buzz rod.”The price tag is about $250.The product is available at Plastic Boat and online through […]

Which Plastic Surgery is the Worst? – Plastic Surgery – Plastic tube

Plastic tube surgery is a very common procedure for cosmetic surgery in India.While the majority of plastic surgery procedures in India are cosmetic, the procedure is also controversial.There are several opinions on plastic surgery as well.Here is a list of the most common plastic surgery in Indian hospitals.1.Plastic surgery without anesthesia 2.Plastic Surgery with anesthesia […]

#MakeADeal: Plastic dresser and plastic spoon are disposable plastic items, but not all disposable plastic is bad

Plastic, glass, and plastic bottles are now being thrown into the trash with a vengeance, and we’ve already seen some of the most egregious examples of this.Plastic, Glass, and Plastic Bottles.Plastic is being thrown out of your home.Plastic bottles are being thrown away.Plastic furniture and furniture accessories are being recycled and reused.Plastic plates, bowls, and […]

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