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How to prevent nose plastic surgery with plastic milk crates

Plastic milk crates are a cheap, reliable way to help prevent nose and cheek surgery.You simply place the plastic cups in the refrigerator and put the lid on.The plastic cups have an adhesive in them to help the cup sit on the lid.The problem with nose plastic surgeries is the nose cannot sit straight.There is […]

Which plastic surgery is the best for you?

Plastic surgery can be an expensive business.However, it can also be a time-saving option.If you need to remove some plastic from your face, your nose or the bottom of your mouth, plastic surgery can often be cheaper than surgery to remove the tissue.Here are some plastic surgery options that are safe and effective, but not […]

How plastic is destroying the future of our children

A decade after the invention of the plastic bag, the cost of the material has tripled and plastic surgery has become an annual rite of passage for young children, the head of the Irish Plastic Surgery Association said yesterday.A plastic surgery in the city of Finglas costs about €12,000, or nearly €1,000 a head, and […]

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