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How to make a plastic storage bin: The basics

Recode is celebrating our first year of Recode HQ, and we’re excited to unveil our first brand-new hub dedicated to making plastic bags and plastic cups obsolete.The site has a lot of exciting stuff in it for you, but first let’s dive in to the basics. Bags, cans, cups, plastic storage bins.All you need to know […]

How the world’s plastic waste will be used to make a new kind of plastic tool box

The plastic bag ban has been in place since October, and the plastic knife ban came into effect in November.Now, as plastic tools and plastic bags are increasingly popular in the workplace, we’ve seen a big increase in the amount of plastic that’s being produced.That’s because there are more places for people to dispose of […]

How to make a plastic garden chair

Plastic garden chairs and other plastic furniture is one of the most commonly used household items in America, but they are also the most costly.As a result, a lot of people find themselves in a bind, having to choose between the convenience of a plastic chair and the environmental impact of an entire garden.Here are […]

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