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Plastic bag ban hits retail shelves in Massachusetts

PLASTIC BAG BAN: Lexington plastic surgeon says plastic bags are no good source NBC New York article Lexington, Mass.(AP) Plastic bag bans hit retail shelves across Massachusetts on Monday, as lawmakers considered a compromise between consumer protection groups and the business community.Plastic bags are a growing concern across the country, particularly in urban areas and […]

Why plastic surgery is becoming a trend in India

Plastic surgery is being taken as a serious health issue, particularly in the developing world, where a third of all newborns are affected by skin cancer, according to an India-based NGO, which is calling on the government to increase plastic surgery coverage.“We are hearing of more people being referred for plastic surgery,” said Nandan Bhagwati, […]

What to Expect in Your Next Plastic Surgery Job

If you’re considering plastic surgery, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself facing some challenges.If you’ve been through surgery, chances are you’ve had a bad experience.And if you’re already a plastic surgeon, you’re probably thinking “how am I supposed to make a living?”The reality is that most plastic surgeons work in small, regional hospitals and […]

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