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Plastic model kits for Christmas are the cheapest thing ever

Plastic model kit prices have gone through the roof and are now the cheapest they’ve ever been.And now, you can make them for a fraction of the cost of buying the real thing.Plastic model maker Fosters Plastic Model Kits will be offering a range of plastic model kits at a discount of only $5 each. The […]

How to make a plastic storage bin: The basics

Recode is celebrating our first year of Recode HQ, and we’re excited to unveil our first brand-new hub dedicated to making plastic bags and plastic cups obsolete.The site has a lot of exciting stuff in it for you, but first let’s dive in to the basics. Bags, cans, cups, plastic storage bins.All you need to know […]

How plastic surgery saved a life

A plastic surgeon who saved the life of a child with autism is making a big splash in Miami.Juan Garcia-Carrillo is one of the few surgeons working in the city who treats patients with autism.In a video that’s been viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube, Garcia-Diaz shows off his technique on a 10-month-old […]

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