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$20 million white plastic chair for swing set

A white plastic swing set is one of the latest products from Plastic Boat.The company is offering a $20,000 “white plastic chair” for $150.It comes with a swing set, an eye plastic surgery kit, a “spinning wheel” and a “buzz rod.”The price tag is about $250.The product is available at Plastic Boat and online through […]

How ‘Plastic Toys’ Are Making Us Greener

Plastic toys, like the ones that are now so ubiquitous on our desks, desks and shelves, are a major contributor to our planet’s greenhouse gas emissions.But there’s another kind of plastic that is also contributing to our health problems.A new report by researchers at Stanford University found that a new class of plastic toys—called plastic […]

What to Know About Plastic Surgery for Your Teenager

You’ve probably seen the plastic surgery advertisements in magazines and on TV.But what about those who are young enough to be their own surgeon?Plastic surgery can make or break a teen’s life.And the cost is astronomical.How much plastic surgery can you afford?Here’s what you need to know.What is plastic surgery?Plastic surgeons have three types of […]

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